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The range of benefits available to businesses and individuals through our serviced offices include the supply of high quality, flexible business accommodation, and sophisticated IT and communication systems. Madeira Business Centre present a productive work environment and a cost effective option for organisations.

The Madeira Business Centre is a dedicated building situated on one of the most important roads in the central commercial area of Funchal, Madeira’s capital. Madeira is an integral part of Portugal, and therefore a full member of the EU, which makes activity from within the International Business Centre (IBC) of Madeira an extremely attractive proposition for international companies and individuals


The Madeira Business Centre in Funchal, Madeira, offers serviced offices a reception area, a kitchen and meeting and boardroom facilities Tenants pay a monthly service fee for the serviced offices, which not only offer high quality furnished accommodation throughout, but also advanced IT and telecommunication facilities. The monthly fee also covers professional cleaning and standard operational costs.


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Office features

We have at your disposal 10 premium quality serviced offices with areas ranging from 11m² to 24m² to meet specific client needs. The offices are distributed throughout the 3-storey building. Offices are equipped with one or more desks, chairs and cabinets. Each desk is allocated a direct dial telephone number and receptionist answering services can be arranged if required.


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